Becoming Cowgirl

Obstacles are not there to stop you from reaching your goal. They are simply things you need to navigate in order to reach your goal. They only hold the power you bestow on them. If you allow an obstacle to prevent you from reaching the goal, then you did not want to reach the goal badly enough.

Shell Brodnax

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What People Are Saying:

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    Lisa McIntee

    Award winning professional real estate stager

    "If there is one person who can change your way of thinking,  define and elevate your goals and inspire you to create a life you may have only once dreamt of, Shell Brodnax will make it happen.   Regardless if you read her words or listen to her speak, don't just be inspired by her - take her advice and put it into action, she means business."

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    Marianne Cherico

    Smokin’ Hot Coachin’- for the Woman Who wants to Create a Juicy Second Half

    "Shell Brodnax's book Becoming a Cowgirl is an uplifting, no nonsense book that shows us all what it takes to ride through life's challenges in order to excel. I particularly love the way that Shell parallels her life around her journey to overcome her fears around horseback riding. Her passion for life, make no excuses attitude and laser focus on her goals make her an inspirational leader. Shell walks her talk. With true grit and a great sense of humor Shell trots us through her struggles and shows us that with the right mindset, we can conquer anything."

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

Goals, Strategy, Visualization

  1. When you set a goal you must be willing to commit to reaching the goal. When I say commit, I mean that you are stating NOTHING is going to stop you from reaching your goal. It’s a priority.
  2. By adopting strategies for your business, you will be creating a vision that includes policies and procedures, which ultimately creates your brand and builds a rewarding and successful business. After you implement each strategy, you must then massage and adapt it based on the results you obtain.
  3. Each day take 3-5 minutes to visualize achieving your goal. Focus on the end result. See yourself achieving the goal. For me I visualized winning the buckle. I imagined what I looked like when I won, what I was wearing, who was presenting it to me, etc. Most importantly I also worked on “feeling” the success of winning. I imagined how it felt, I actually became excited and I felt joy, I smiled, it was as if I was “feeling the win” in my own private movie.

About The Author

Shell possesses a unique ability to inspire others to find their own motivation to get off that fence, quit getting ready to get ready and “make it happen” for themselves. Marketing, Business Coaching, Consulting and developing Brand Recognition is her passion. Shell is a professional national speaker and Business Coach. Book Shell to speak at your event, conduct a workshop, consult on your project or business coaching.

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